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Share Your Story— Part One

When you tell your story you help you everyone. You and the receiver(s) are both changed in the process. We give each other support in this journey when we tell a part of our story.

Humanity needs your story. We need everyone’s story. The more we share with and listen to each other, the more we will understand, heal, and grow. Our progress depends on each other.


I am a wheel within a wheel.

I am a part of another part, of another part, of another part…

I am a piece of you and you are a piece of me.

I am the center of the spiral. No end. No beginning.

" Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. "

- Eckhart Tolle (via lazyyogi)


By Jeff Ray

One person says, “We are lost, and we will meet a tragic demise if we don’t follow these laws left for us from God.”

Another person says, “I believe anything is possible. If God left us anything, it isn’t limitation.”

Which of these people displays faith?

This is what bothers me as well. It was the reason why religious people always ran me out of their circles back when I tried to get their validation. Not being satisfied with not understanding is what broke me free from religion.

Holding back intellect


Instead of resisting, can we trust that the interruption is somehow beneficial for us? We blame life for what it gives us, but is it our resistance to life that brings us the stress, frustration, and pain we keep trying to avoid?

What Was, What Is, and What Will Be - Part Two

By Eric Dupon
Let’s accept our roles as part of the earth’s natural cycle and live at peace being one with it. Let your tears flow for the beauty of change and the gift of giving it up to generations after us. Appreciate that place of oneness within you, and I’ll do the same. I know we tend to forget until we tap back into the source, but the universe never forgets. Rest our bones in the earth and let us have faith in her. Everyone has different knowledge to offer, let it connect us. That’s part of the beauty of being one.